​The Opposite of Fat is Fun!

It’s no secret that if you want to stay healthy, strong, and able to live a full life you have to keep off the excess fat. It’s also not news that in order to keep the fat off, exercise plays a big role. There are of course many forms of exercise you can do to help keep your waistline trim. If you currently don’t engage in exercise then this is for you: Get Active!

Important note – please make sure you talk to your doctor before you start any diet or exercise regime. Even the best routines can be dangerous if you have underlying health issues.

Now you may be thinking ‘I’ve failed before so why would this time be any different?’ Well, the best way to ensure you succeed is to find something that you actually like to do, something that you won’t consider to be a chore.

Do you like the water? If so, than swimming may be a good option. It can help you get a great workout, it’s easier on the joints than just about anything else and it can be fun.

If you like to dance, there are plenty of styles that will give you a great workout. When you can combine fun and workout, it doesn’t feel like you’re making an effort.

How about walking, biking, hiking, etc? Even if you just enjoy bird watching, a brisk hike in the woods can help you accomplish two things at once – you get a great workout while enjoying your passion.

One of my favourite exercises is yoga and I’ve progressed to the point where I now offer classes. I like the fact that I can get a great workout and relax at the same time. The specific patterns of breathing bring about a high level of relaxation, whilst the physical challenge is more of a workout than most people imagine.

The bottom line is, getting in shape and losing a bit of excess weight is much easier when you’re doing something you enjoy. The more you enjoy your workout the more often you’ll do it and the longer you’ll stick to it.