​What happens when you lose an eyelash?

So, you just lost an eyelash or two! Wondering if they will grow back? They will – don’t worry! They usually grow back at the same rate as the hair on your head. There are some uncommon factors that can affect your eyelash growth and thickness such as your age, whether there has been some type of trauma to the eyes and sometimes if you are stressed or depressed. For the most part though, eyelashes will grow back normally in their own time.

If you are still worried about your eyelashes falling out then there are certain things you can do to decrease the rate at which they fall out:

1) Stop wiping at your eyes either with your hands or with a towel or tissue. This will pull out more eyelashes than those that fall out naturally.

2) Generally – always be gentle in and around your eyes, especially when applying cosmetic products like eye liner or eye make up.

3) Consider wearing glasses or safety glasses if you work in an environment where your eyes may be consistently exposed to dust or other airborne debris.

Remember, eyelashes are there to help protect your eyes as well as being an attractive part of your features. Take care of them!